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 Marktech Aerocore C2 V1 is going to be released...

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PostSubject: Marktech Aerocore C2 V1 is going to be released...   Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:19 am

This is the moment you have all been waiting for, the arrival of the new OS, Marktech Aerocore C2 V1. Marktech Aerocore C1 V1 through C1 V5 were failed attempts to make an OS with compatibility. Originally, we intended to make an OS called Marktech Aerocore Version C1 V1 to be compatible with ALL Microsoft Windows applications, but copyright infringement due to Windows apps being able to run caused us to move onto a different road, a road in which has proved to be a better way to our goal. At first when we scrapped our old OS code, we sat on beta build 1126.3A of the Marktech Aerocore C1 V1 OS beta. But then came UNIX, a new foundation from which we drank the knowledge of the fountain UNIX, which turned out to be Marktech Aerocore C2 V1. Normally, we cannot change the OS name and version just because of a code change, but this newer UNIX based system was a radical change to a new OS, so we changed basically everything, including the way it works. Over time, our beta testers have gotten used to the ever changing interface of the New Marktech Aerocore C2 V1 OS, but eventually, we all settled on a common interface that would define the bold looks of the new OS. and now, with no further ado, we present to you:

Marktech Aerocore C2 V1 Royale Edition (For Intel and AMD machines)

Marktech Aerocore C2 V1 Midnite Edition (For PowerPC and Power5 machines)

Marktech Aerocore C2 V1 Quicksilver edition (for Sparc32 and Sparc64 machines)

The download links will be available when the OS is going to be released. The OS will be released on 8/10/2010.
Marktech Aerocore C2 V1 OFFICIAL system requirements:

For royale edition:

Intel or AMD processor @1.4Ghz or faster
40GB HDD space
64MB video RAM or above

for midnite edition:

PowerPC G3 @600Mhz or PowerPC G4 @400Mhz or faster. Power5 @1.4Ghz or faster
40GB HDD Space
64MB video RAM or above

for quicksilver edition:

Sparc32 or Sparc64 processor @1.4Ghz or above
40GB HDD space
64MB video RAm or above
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Marktech Aerocore C2 V1 is going to be released...
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