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Welcome to the forums! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the forums!   Welcome to the forums! EmptyMon Dec 28, 2009 9:18 pm

Hello, and welcome to the Marktech forums! This forum website is mainly designed for use by members of Marktech, and people who sign up here, but most of all, this forums website is here for my OS. It's currently in the embryonic stages of development, but from alpha build 994 to beta build 1067A is quite a jump, considering the fact that this is the 4th month i have put this project into work. It's build off of Ubuntu 8.10, and it's a bit too late to start off of 9.10, because i'm not trashing all of my work. Right now, only one of my computers have this beta build, and i have only one problem. How can i gather up all the data in the system, put it into an ISO, and then integrate it into an installer for systems with no operating systems? It's a good question i may never know. I know how to make ISO images from CD's, but system images and installers is a completely different story. Over time, this website will serve other purposes besides just talking about my OS. Below is a list of the operating system betas i have released so far. (by that i mean i copied them to dual-layer Dvd's, and had people somehow replace their OS with my files.) This forums site was launched at 12/28/2009.

List of Marktech Aerocore C1 V1 builds:
Build Release Date IKV (Internal Kernel Version)
Planned final build number: 1.2000.1X1.01 (Build 2000)
planned final RTM build release date: not known yet, but between June and August of 2010.
NLS=no longer supported
Pre-beta builds:
994 09/4/2009 994.0.01.2009 NLS
998 09/16/2009 998.1.02.2009 NLS
999 09/20/2009 999.2.03.2009 NLS
1000 09/26/2009 0.1000.1.01 NLS
1001 10/7/2009 0.1001.1.02 NLS
1002 10/10/2009 0.1002.1.03 NLS
1003 10/12/2009 0.1003.1.04 (unstable) NLS
1010A 10/25/2009 0.1010.2.01 (system code re-mastered) NLS
1010B 10/26/2009 0.1010.2.02 NLS
1011 11/1/2009 0.1011.2.05 NLS
1015A 11/12/2009 0.1015.2.01 NLS
1016A 12/3/2009 0.1016.2.01 (system code re-mastered) NLS
1016B 12/4/2009 0.1016.2.02 NLS
1016C 12/4/2009 0.1016.2.03 NLS
1017A 12/4/2009 0.1017.2.01 NLS
1018A 12/7/2009 0.1018.2.01 NLS
1020A 12/14/2009 0.1020.2.01 NLS
1032A 12/17/2009 0.1032.4.01 (system code re-mastered)
1036A 12/21/2009 0.1036.4.01
1036B 12/21/2009 0.1036.4.02
1040A 12/22/2009 0.1040.5.01
1040B 12/22/2009 0.1040.5.02
1042A 12/23/2009 0.1042.5.01
1043A 12/23/2009 0.1043.5.01
1045A 12/23/2009 0.1045.5.01
1067A 12/24/2009 0.1067.7.01
1067B 12/25/2009 0.1067.7.02
1069A 12/26/2009 0.1069.7.01
1073A 12/28/2009 0.1073.8.01

1100A (next planned build) 0.1100.11.01

I need support and help for this, as people cannot develop things on their own and expect it to be the top of the line. I need feedback, and advice. (But please, no rude stuff, because we need to respect to each other.). I need support for this like linux needed it's support back then from other people. You saw how Mac OS, OS X, Windows, IBM, and linux evolved over the years, and i am trying to do the same. I am not planning on dominating the market, but I am planning on Making, putting together, and writing the next generation of operating system. Save your energy for later, as i cannot distribute too many of these copies, and you will have to find a way to boot off of it like other people did and try your luck with it. Thank you for anyone who supports me.

here are the system requirements for anyone who wants to try it out: (beta builds 1032A and later)

An AMD, Intel or PowerPC processor. (PowerPC must be at least a G3 at 600Mhz or faster.) (intel or AMd must be 1.4Ghz or faster.)

768MB of RAM

40GB HDD with 40GB free

an Nvidia GeForce 2 MX/MX440 with 64MB of video RAM or better

an LCD screen is recommended because we are developing this OS about several years after flat screens became standard. CRTs will work but it will look horrible on it. (unless it's one of those from Apple, from an early Power Macintosh G4 or G3 computer.) Cool
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Welcome to the forums!
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