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 Marktech Aerobar v1.0

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Marktech Aerobar v1.0 Empty
PostSubject: Marktech Aerobar v1.0   Marktech Aerobar v1.0 EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 3:21 am

This is a toolbar designed for the web browser I made before I changed the logo to the shiny glowing one. This is v1.0.
Marktech Aerobar toolbar v1.0 was made in 8/6/2008
Marktech Aerobar toolbar v1.6 was made in 8/6/2009.
We are working on v2.0, which will be available at the same day as the new OS (Aerocore C2) is released.

(v1.0 link)

(v1.6 link)

These are toolbars that are very useful, and I forgot to mention this to all of you since this is software made before this site was made.
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Marktech Aerobar v1.0
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